Cause A Stir

Who is Cause A Stir and what do they plan to stir up?
Cause A Stir is a four piece alternative Christian rock group with a mission to take the truth of the kingdom of God into the market place. Just like their savior Jesus Christ met people where he was, and spoke kingdom truths to them, they desire-through their music-to minister life and light where there is death and darkness.

The catchy melodies and biblical lyrics as well as the interesting and unique arrangements, give each song that eclectic sound. The driving bass lines and wailing guitar give Cause A Stir that unique alternative rock groove. Cause A Stir's material is full of rich harmonies that find their root in the blended voices of both song writers. For many years the talents of this songwriting duo were part of that kingdom that wasted life. Now through God's saving grace, the influence of the Holy Spirit and the resurrection power of Christ, these same talents will not waste life nor the afterlife. Cynthia is a rock solid rhythm guitarist with a voice like an angel, sweet but powerful when needed. She sings from her heart unto her Lord and also handles some of the bass guitar parts. Jeffrey not only plays bass guitar but is a talented acoustic guitarist and unique flutist. His powerful voice can stir the spirit in even the hardest of hearts, but it is his love for Jesus that drives everything he does.
Joining ranks with this duo are two gifted musicians, Eric Sadler and John Rucosky. Eric has a heart for the Lord that is visible in the intensity of his drumming. He puts all of himself into each beat. The final ingredient in the Cause A Stir sound is the powerful and sometimes subtle lead guitar parts of John Rucosky. It is his spirit driven leads that fill in the many colors of each Cause A Stir arrangement.

The group is currently working on material for the follow up to "Gentleness," their first CD (which can be previewed at left, provided you have a Flash player), and hope to begin recording in early 2005. The songs on this CD will continue to define that eclectic sound that is Cause A Stir. This group will play anywhere the Lord leads them. One day you might hear Cause A Stir at your favorite club in your home town, stirring things up!


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